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Dell Projector Giveaway from Adds A Fleet Of Eiki LC-X800A 12K Lumen Rental Projectors

Large Venue Projector Rentals

Eiki Rental Projectors For Large Venues

The large venue projector for rent at Rental Projectors Corporation can accommodate your event whether it’s a massive outdoor business building display or a huge convention center wall presentation where bright, ambient light will be present. The Eiki LC-X800A large screen projector rental is super-powerful; it has 12,000 lumens and a high 4000:1 contrast ratio, contributing to its powerful, crisp and clear display no matter where it’s being used. It’s the absolute brightest projector to rent available from

The technology in rental large venue or “large screen projectors,” which simply means the projector is best-suited for digital large venues (or even home theaters), outdoor multimedia, data, and video long range, is meant for use in large areas, wide screens and HD projections. Large venue movie or ceiling projector rentals make an impressive display no matter who your audience is; they are perfect for large business meetings/conferences, military events, educational events, DIY home theaters and more!

Our multimedia video large screen projector to rent has awesome cutting-edge features, including:

- 12,000 lumens of brightness
- XGA resolution & UXGA-VGA & MAC compatible
- A LCD panel that delivers a remarkable 4000:1 contrast ratio
- 3 LCD plus one technology for remarkable color display

Rent A Large Venue 10,000 Or 12,000 Lumen Projector

With its functional design and adjustable convergence system, the Eiki LC-X800A large projector rental is purpose-built for demanding applications, making it perfect for use in unique venue of rental & staging, in addition to large events. Contact a Rental Projectors Rental Representitive anytime to inquire about the large venue projector or ceiling projector for renting and to see if it’s right for your large event or venue. We’re happy to answer your technical questions about large venue or large screen projectors to rent to match you with the most appropriate projector rental for your display! Call (888) 951-5060 today or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information or support.
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