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Projector Screen Rental

Projector Screen Rental Solutions

What can you achieve by ordering a projector screen rental from for your professional and recreational presentations and displays? A message that resonates and sticks with your audience, whether it be your family and friends, a group of colleagues in your workplace, or an auditorium full of thousands of guests. At Rental Projectors Corporation we take pride in providing the most technologically advanced LCD and DLP projectors and accessories such as laptops, speakers and projector screen rental options, at the lowest prices available nationwide.

Larger-than-life Display

One of the most obvious advantages of a digital multimedia projector is its ability to produce a life-sized picture or video display. When your home, workplace, convention center, or outside venue does not have a flat and colorless wall available, it is crucial to secure an advanced projector screen rental from Rental Projectors Corporation. Each projector screen rental provided by is portable, adjustable, and able to be used indoors and outdoors. If you are planning to throw a party for a movie marathon or a major sporting event such as the Superbowl, a projector screen rental is an essential tool in achieving a true-to-life, captivating moving image, in real time without distortion or delay.

Superior Projector Screen Rental Service

Our experienced and friendly staff of AV rental equipment experts ensure that your rental projector and projector screen rental are shipped to your home, office, hotel, or convention venue a day in advance to allow time to practice your presentation. And if you realize at the last minute that you need accessories for your multimedia display or PowerPoint presentation, we can ship a laptop, adjustable projector stand, or projector screen rental overnight for your added convenience.

To place an order for an LCD or DLP projector along with a projector screen rental for your next event, please call Rental Projectors Corporation at (888) 951-5060.
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The Rental Process

Pick your rental datesRent
Select your rental start/end dates and sign contract.
Using your Rental ProjectorProject
Receive your projector and follow user friendly setup instructions.
Shipping your Rental ProjectorReturn
Apply the provided shipping label to original box and submit to FedEx
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