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Where can I secure a projector rental?

Renting a projector is simple with Rental Projectors. You can complete one of our online customized order forms for the destination that you will need your projector rental shipped or you can call and speak with one of our highly-trained and friendly renting specialists at 888-951-5060.

Can I receive my projector rental at my hotel?

Rental Projectors ships to any destination in the United States and we do ship directly to our clients’ hotels or any other place of lodging. This has become a very standard request because it makes it easier for our professional clients to get through airport security and they also do not have to worry about lugging a projector on and off their flight. Your packing slip will come with specific directions to have your projector delivered to the front desk of your hotel or place of lodging and when you arrive, you can simply go and pick it up at your convenience.

What if I am unable to setup my projector correctly?

We ensure that all of our projector rentals come equipped with easy-to-use setup and operating instructions. If you are having trouble getting your projector rental to function properly after reading our instructions, just simply give our elite team of renting specialists a quick call at 888-951-5060 and within minutes your projector rental will be up and running and ready to go. Our renting specialists are available to our clients twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week so never hesitate to give them a call.

What if my projector does not arrive at the time I requested?

We are very aware of the unforeseen circumstances that can occur with shipping that can potentially cause delays. We always ship your projector at least a day early sometimes two or three days early depending on the location of your presentation and the current and projected weather conditions in the area that can potentially delay the shipping of your projector. Our team of specialists is constantly following potential severe weather conditions all across the country and is always keeping an eye on flight delays and cancelations. If your projector rental is late because of a shipping delay, give us a call as soon as possible at 888-951-5060 and we will immediately overnight ship another projector to your location.

Do you supply half-day projector rentals?

We do not provide half-day projector rentals because of conflicts and complications with shipping. If you finish with your projector rental period earlier than expected and we receive your projector before your rental period is over, our team of renting specialists will be happy to discuss with you the possibilities of giving you rental credit for a future projector rental with our company.

Am I responsible for damage to my projector rental?

You are responsible for any damage to your digital projector rental while it is under your care and supervision. You are not responsible however, for any damage done to the projector while it is in transit and under the care and supervision of FedEx or any other shipping courier. All damage is not the same, depending on the severity of damage and how it affects the performance and value of the projector, you will be charged for the repair costs or in cases resulting in severe damage, you will be charged the full retail value of the damaged projector rental equipment and/or accessories.

How are the projectors shipped?

We always ship our projector rentals so that they are scheduled to arrive a day before your rental period officially begins. This allows both our company and our clients time to find a quick solution to any possible delay in shipping or unexpected circumstance such as a last-minute change in their presentation venue. Our main shipping courier is FedEx, but for certain circumstances or requests from our clients, we can ship with a variety of other trusted shipping couriers.

Are there any contracts that I need to complete?

We do have a standard contract that needs to be completed before your projector rental is shipped. The contract is very simple and straightforward and requires your signature which can be completed via fax, email or digital signature. You will also be asked to provide a signature upon the arrival of your digital projector, but if you are unavailable to sign for your projector a credible party, in most cases a member of your hotel’s concierge staff will sign for your projector on your behalf.

What if I am late in returning my projector rental?

In most cases, we have a twenty-four grace period for the return of your projector rental. This means that your projector must be postmarked through FedEx or any other courier within twenty-four hours of the end of your rental period. If the projector is postmarked beyond the twenty-four hour grace period, you will be charged the full daily rate of a projector rental for each day your projector rental is not returned beyond the grace period.

Please read our FAQs, or contact us if you have any questions!

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